I’m a Fashion Director With a Lot of Jeans—I Wear These Styles the Most

Jeans are often the front-runners in a well-balanced wardrobe given their versatile and easy-to-style nature. Well, those perfect cuts are absolute must-haves for Shopbop‘s fashion director, Caroline Maguire. She’s all about denim. Given that it’s her job to lead the style direction for one of the largest retailers out there, she spends a hefty chunk of her day identifying trends, curating picks, and working with top brands (denim labels included). She also has a pretty expansive wardrobe due to her adoration for fashion, including a range of stylish jeans. On that note, we thought there could be interest in learning about the specific denim styles Maguire is wearing the most right now.

Below, you’ll uncover five of her favorite denim trends at the moment along with insight into why she’s gravitating toward said cuts. If one of the silhouettes catches your eye, there’s a smattering of shopping inspiration as well. Keep scrolling for more.

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