I’m a 22-Year-Old Fashion Editor and Swear by These 6 Stylish Brands

Since I landed my job here at Who What Wear a few months after graduating college, I’ve been revamping my wardrobe to carry me into my next phase in life. Since we’re still working from home, I haven’t gotten too carried away with the shopping, but have been shifting my focus on investing in pieces that fit my new job and lifestyle, all while trying to stick to a budget and not (completely) break the bank. 

While in college I ran after what was affordable and trendy, post-graduation I’ve spent more time thinking through each purchase, and before I hit the “check-out” button, I reflect on if it’s something I’d want hanging in my closet or if it’s something that would end up collecting dust after being worn once or twice. In my journey, the brands below have been what I’ve been relying on recently to create a chic and polished work wardrobe that still meets my levels of comfort, style, and price-point. You’re probably familiar with them, but they’re well-loved for a reason. They’re just that good, and I’ll be sticking to using them throughout my 20’s.

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