I’m 99.9% Confident This Will Still Be the Official Fashion Uniform in 2021

As a fashion editor, I spend the better part of my day researching trends both digitally and IRL at various fashion appointments and on the street when various style-setters pass me by. When it comes to outfit trends specifically, there’s one prominent look I’ve continued to spot throughout all of my sartorial explorations over the last few months: Okay, you may already know it (given that we’ve covered it in various ways before), but here it goes: a slouchy blazer, basic top, and blue jeans.

That’s right—it seems celebrity and fashion people all got the memo this season that this simple yet polished outfit formula is the only look that matters when you need a directional and cool ensemble that doesn’t try too hard. And while A-listers like Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski (along with It girls during Fashion Month) routinely stepped out in this three-piece fit throughout 2020, my gut tells me the ensemble will only increase in popularity over the next few months as more and more catch onto the effortlessness of the vibe. So with that, I’m deeming it the official fashion uniform right now—and in 2021.

To back this all up, I rounded up a range of my favorite celeb and fashion-girl outfits showcasing the various iterations of this chic ensemble. Keep scrolling to get inspired to try the look once and for all. Plus, find new ways to style the uniform you’ve already been wearing. And per usual, I also shopped out the key pieces for each outfit for further inspo.

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