I’m 55 and Known for My Radiant Glow—Here’s the Evening Routine I Live By

If you’ve been reading our beauty content for a while now on Who What Wear, you’re likely already familiar with one of our favorite Los Angeles–based lifestyle, beauty, and fashion bloggers, Melissa Meyers (also known as The Glow Girl). Not only is Meyers practically a savant when it comes to navigating clean, nontoxic beauty, but she also loves to routinely share her best tips and tricks when it comes to aging. Refreshingly, Meyers is all about embracing the aging process and empowering women to be the best version of themselves—whether that’s taking the leap and experimenting with clean-beauty productsembracing self-tanners (instead of the sun), or just knowing the best and most effective makeup hacks. To follow along, we definitely recommend following her on Instagram at @melissameyers and keeping up with her frequent posts on The Glow Girl. (Click here for all of her dedicated Who What Wear beauty and fashion features!)

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