I Watched a Lot of TV in 2020—Here Are the Year’s Best On-Screen Fashion Moments

Since there was more time spent at home this year, many of our habits and activities changed. For me, it was the way I watch TV. I’m someone who dreads starting a new series and would much rather watch the same shows I’ve been watching for years (I’m talking about you, Gilmore Girls), simply because it gives me more comfort. But things change, and with more time on hand, 2020 was the year I actually ventured into watching new shows. To my surprise, I actually found myself adding new series’ to my obsession list, from The Crown to Schitt’s Creek

As a fashion editor and avid lover of costume, I have a special love for shows that put effort into their characters’ wardrobe. If you agree, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether it was the coats on The Undoing or the chain that Connel wore in Normal People, it’s safe to say that costume designers put in their best work this year, if I do say so myself. Ahead, you’ll find a roundup of not only shows that grabbed the attention of many with their plot but also with their collection of looks.

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