I Tried the Closet Hanger Trick—Here’s What I Wore the Most and What I Ditched

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When I first saw the below video about the hanger method for cleaning out your closet I was honestly in shock. First of all, what a genius idea? Second of all, why didn’t I think of this before? I knew I was in need of a closet purge because it had been quite awhile since I sold or donated anything, but I didn’t realize how badly until I tried this life-changing hack.

Here’s how it works: make sure all of your hangers are in the same direction to start and when you wear something, simply hang it back up facing the opposite direction. I did this for about six months and found so many items I didn’t wear. Some were occasion-based pieces, like wedding guest dresses, that understandably went unworn but a lot were items I simply don’t have much use for anymore. Here’s what I discovered I wore the most in 2020 and which items are getting the boot. 

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