I Tried 12 Items From Urban Outfitters and Would Buy These 7 Right Away

If you’ve been to Urban Outfitters in-person or online lately, you’ll know that they’re coming with that heat. From cargo pants and stretchy knits to loafers and leather trench coats, they currently have a wide assortment of all the fall trends I’m interested in trying out expeditiously.

I was able to pick my favorite 12 pieces and try them on from the comfort of my home, and these 7 items are the ones I would buy immediately. You’ll see I found everything from a going-out dress, which I’ve already worn out, to my new staple pleated pants and a plush jacket that will serve me well as temperatures drop. I was able to style many of the pieces together, which I hope can get you excited about all the possibilities.

Keep scrolling to see my reviews of the items I tried and all my favorite pieces that you can currently find at Urban Outfitters. Without further ado, or as Doja Cat would say, let’s get into it yuh.

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