I Thought Bodycon Was Dead, But It’s Back and I’m Actually Into It

Like many others, my outfits have recently revolved around cozy pieces like sweatpants, baggy jeans, wide-cut trousers, and boxy coats. In fact, I’d say the true common denominator in what I’ve been wearing is that everything is upsized. Loose, slouchy, relaxed—my wardrobe has really been all about comfort. With a slew of trends on the horizon that continue to tap into this sense of comfortable (yet tailored) staples, including The Row’s standout F/W 21 collection, I predict nothing but more momentum for upsized proportions. However, there’s also a 180° away from them happening right now. That’s right, bodycon pieces are back.

The return of the bodycon trend actually doesn’t surprise me. It’s a trend that I didn’t love during it’s heyday in the ‘2000s, but it’s no longer just about bandage dresses—now the silhouettes I’m seeing somehow seem fresh and cool and very wearable. While I don’t see myself retiring comfortable sweatsuits anytime soon, I have been craving pieces that have a little more shape. In fact, my latest purchase with a body-hugging jersey maxi dress that I’m envisioning wearing them summer with strappy sandals and layered jewelry.

It seems I’m not alone in my impulse to dress in form-fitting items. I’ve noticed fashion people and celebs like Dua Lipa wearing every possible version of the bodycon trend, from second-skin tops to “floss” pieces to bodice tops. Ahead, see how insiders are wearing the bodycon now and shop my edit if you’re inspired to try it out for yourself.

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