I Think These Fall Skirt-and-Shoe Pairings Work Every Single Time

For me, getting dressed often revolves around foolproof outfit formulas. Yep, I love to experiment, but I’m also a major outfit repeater. Once I find something that works, I know that it’s an easy way to get dressed without putting too much thought into what I’m wearing. This summer, some of my favorite combos have been linen pants and tube tops, padded-shoulder tees with wide-leg denim shorts, linen dresses with strappy sandals, and bodysuits with slip skirts—outfits I’ve worn again and again without thinking twice. Looking to fall, though, what are the easy looks I’ll be trying out?

As a big skirt person, I’ve been thinking about how I’ll transition some of my favorite pieces to the next season. Looking to some of my favorite street style looks, I already have plenty of fall outfits with skirts earmarked to put my own spin on in the coming months. Ahead, see the skirt-and-shoe pairings I’ll be trying out for myself soon because I love a great outfit shortcut. Trust me—these will never go out of style.

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