I Like My Staples Simple With a Hint of Trendiness—I’d Start With These Items

While I personally will go for more statement-making shoes and accessories, I typically prefer simple clothing pieces that have just a little something extra. There are some items in my closet that are more classic in nature (like a standard black turtleneck). But a lot of my other items are staples, in that they’re incredibly versatile but have a trendier twist to keep them particularly modern. Do you often find yourself gravitating toward said pieces as well? Wonderful. You’re going to be into what’s coming your way.

Our namesake label Who What Wear Collection is filled with a range of those trend-ish items. Today, I’m rounding up some of the latest finds that I’d start with if I were putting together a shopping list of elevated, simple items for someone. As a preview, I’m talking about everything from forward-feeling knits to elevated tailoring silhouettes. Keep scrolling for all the visual and shopping inspiration you need.

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