I Hate Investing in Basics, But These Are the 15 I Can’t Ignore This Fall

I am so guilty of buying a million cheap thrills, liking them for a short while, and then never wearing them again. Even though I preach to you all the importance of investing in quality basics, truthfully, practicing that in my own life is rather difficult. I will say, however, that whenever I do splurge on a basic, I am always so impressed by the amount I wear it. Be it a bag, shirt, or shoes, the things in my wardrobe that I was really intentional about are hands-down the most loved pieces. 

This fall, I vowed to myself to be a smarter shopper, and it’s starting with the 15 investment-worthy pieces below. Don’t worry, I’m not planning on buying all of these immediately, but the basics I’ve highlighted for you here are the ones I know I will wear on repeat, will keep for years, and will always make me feel like I made a smart shopping decision versus a frivolous one. Since I know most of you might not be as dedicated to investment buys this season, I also supplemented each of my splurges with a similar item that is much more affordable. That way, you can discover all the best steals while I share all my upcoming splurges. 

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