I Don’t Usually Use Makeup-Remover Wipes, But I Recommend These 12 in a Pinch

I used to be all about makeup-remover wipes—they were so convenient! Just one wipe could quickly erase all the makeup off my face, and I was ready for bedtime. But recently, I’ve limited my use and stuck to liquid makeup removers and cleansing balms.

There are a couple of reasons for that. First of all, I wanted a more sustainable option. When I use a liquid or balm remover, I can use a washable cotton pad instead of throwing away a wipe each time. And second, a lot of wipes really dried out my skin—and my skin is already prone to dryness. After using a wipe, my skin would often feel parched and a bit irritated. That’s because the rubbing and the ingredients in some wipes can bug sensitive skin. And finally, there are so many great liquid and balm formulas that are super powerful and can remove even waterproof makeup.

But when I’m in a pinch, a rush, or traveling and don’t want to carry around my liquid bottle and cotton pads, I bring those makeup-remover wipes with me. I’ve become pickier with them, and I like to prioritize biodegradable wipes with gentle, hydrating ingredients. Luckily, there are more options now than there were many years ago. Take a look at some of my and my fellow editors’ favorites below.

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