I Asked My Fashion Crew for the Bags That Excite Them, These 12 Styles Won

Fun fact. I love handbags. It’s kind of my “thing.” While I typically stick to a pretty basic uniform on the regular, I always like to incorporate a fun bag into my look to take the vibe to the next level. Given my adoration for the accessory, I’m always interested in sourcing fresh handbag inspiration. Naturally, I routinely turn to the Instagram feeds of some of my favorite fashion people to uncover the latest picks.

On that note, I thought it could be entertaining to reach out to some of the style setters in question and learn about the specific bags that are exciting to them right now. So with that in mind, below you’ll find a range of bags a fashion crew is all about and why. Naturally, you’ll also uncover the bags to shop as well if you’re in the market for an investment item now or simply want to bookmark a style for later. Okay, enough chatting. Let’s get to the bags. Oh, hint—there’s a lot of Bottega coming your way. Naturally.

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