Hyaluronic Acid Is Overhyped—Here Are 7 Ingredients That Are Just As Hydrating

For as long as I can remember, hydration has been my top skincare priority. I’ve got combination skin that skews dry, especially in the winter, so I’m known to reach for serums packed with ingredients that impart a glistening, quenched glow. As such, I’m an admitted hyaluronic acid lover.

For quite some time now, this water-attracting skincare ingredient has been one of my favorites for infusing oceanic levels of hydration into my skin. If I see the ingredient in a serum or moisturizer, I’m that much more likely to buy it. I just love the stuff, so you can imagine my chagrin to have to confront the fact that hyaluronic acid isn’t the only (or even the most effective) hydrating ingredient out there. “[Hyaluronic Acid] has been used forever but has really gotten buzzy this past year,” says Renée Rouleau, celebrity esthetician and CEO of her namesake skincare line. “I think there is a renewed focus with skin on hydration and barrier repair and this ingredient is just riding the trend wave online and winning the popularity contest because of this. There are other comparable and better ingredients.”

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