Hollywood’s #1 Stylist Dressed Me for Every Event on My Cal—Here How It Went

Even though I’m a fashion editor, even I’m not immune to feeling like I have nothing to wear. I definitely still have many moments in which I throw my arms up in the air and say to myself “I wish someone would just dress me.” As social lives pick up again and my own calendar starts to look how it used to, I’m once again faced with this sartorial dilemma but this time I am giving up the reins and turning to an expert for styling advice.

I got the chance to experience out Karla Welch’s top-notch styling skills. The veteran Hollywood stylist whos client list resembles a red carpet lineup recently launched a new endeavor with her styling app Wishi. With Wishi, Welch hopes to democratize personal styling and bring what she does for her celeb clients to everyone. “I wanted to bring my expertise to everyone in a really affordable way,” she told Who What Wear. “I was constantly being asked by non-clients about what to wear, what to buy, just help getting dressed,” Welch explained. I want to make their lives easier, help them wear the clothes in their closets, and help them feel amazing.”

I took to my own calendar this summer and focused on creating looks for five key events and outings. While these may be things that I have planned, I’m positive that many of you are looking to dress for similar occasions (ahem, summer weddings, anyone?) so Welch’s styling ideas should come in handy. 

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