Hi, 2022—Since You’ve Begun, We Haven’t Really Taken Off These 14 Pieces

Well, would you look at that? We have officially entered the 2022 phase of our lives, and I am certainly excited to see where it takes us. Before getting started on those goals, we must come up with a plan to dress the part for all of the successes in our very near future. My fellow editors seem to certainly agree, as they’ve entered the year at the top of their game and scored the best of the new finds from our namesake label, Who What Wear Collection.

The team of editors and staff members who have so creatively brainstormed a lot of these designs knew what they were doing. I’m seeing newness that is cozy with a capital C. Knit pretty much everything is a must as we enter another chapter of working from home, but not in the way that you might typically expect it to show up. You’ll find pleat-like seaming, matching sets that will be in style for a lifetime, and the jumpsuit of all jumpsuits. Prepare to be amazed by these new arrivals—our editors most certainly are.

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