FYI: Celeb Manicurists Say These Nail Trends Will Be Obsolete by 2021

To put it as nicely as possible, we’re definitely not mourning the end of 2020. While we’re preparing ourselves for anything come 2021, we’re very much looking forward to a fresh year and what, in many ways, feels like a fresh slate. One 2020-centric theme we’re excited to keep around, however, is the rise and domination of the at-home manicure. We’re pretty sure we’ll still largely be left to our own painting devices in the New Year, but we’re keen to know what will rise and what will fall in the trend department. (Not that “trends” are everything, mind you, but we love to know—before everyone else does—what’s going to be big and what’s going to be, um, not.)

Twenty-twenty was all about updated French manicures, sparkling manis decked with chunky accents (think pearls, crystals, etc.), ombré color gradations, “Watermelon Sugar” coral (we see you, Harry Styles), and lots more. To be honest, we’re still into all of the above and plan to keep on keeping on if that’s what we’re feeling, but we also reached out to some of the coolest nail artists in the business to get their takes on 2021 and learn what they’re over and excited about for the coming year. Keep scrolling! The best up-and-coming nail trends for 2021 are just below. 

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