Fashion Girls Are Saying Yes to These 7 Important Jewelry Trends

About every several months, fashion girls start gravitating toward new jewelry trends that seem to flood my Instagram feed. In August, I distinctly remember when the anklet was having a major moment, and I will certainly never forget when mismatched earrings were first introduced that became a jewelry statement a few years ago. And now, as we enter 2021, my eyes are on my go-to style icons to see what’s up next.

As a fashion editor over the last several years, I am continually giving my jewelry repertoire little tweaks and updates based on seasonal trends and new must-haves. And while I will always wear my intimate, personal pieces, I am open to evolving them. Case in point: I gave my stack of dainty, delicate rings a bold update by investing in chunkier, solid gold rings, and I traded my initial necklace for a Taurus one this year.

From modern links and oversized chains to hints of pearl and new colored stones, fashion girls are giving their jewelry a much-needed makeover, too. Now, more than ever, in this new virtual world, jewelry is our true form of expression and style, and that’s what these new trends are giving us. Whether you’re a minimalist and opt for simple pieces or a maximalist who embraces color and bold looks, there is a jewelry trend for you. Keep scrolling to discover the seven jewelry trends fashion girls are saying yes to right now—and you will, too. 

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