Every Fashion Person’s Closet Contains This “Dull” Sweater

Even the most stylish people we know don’t have a closet where every single item is a showstopping, statement-making, more-is-more kind of a piece. If they did, how could you tell what’s truly special? Instead, as many fashion people would agree, the basic, traditional, and, yes, so-called “dull” items we own are ultimately our closet MVPs that make an outfit feel polished, sophisticated, and timeless. Need proof? Look to the 21 best camel sweaters ahead.

The reason a simple camel knit will never go out of style is that it’s incredibly versatile. Wear it solo with your favorite jeans or tuck it into a structured suiting set. Furthermore, considering its neutral, pairs-well-with-everything shade, the piece feels effortless with bright colors, prints, and interesting textures alike. If that makes a camel sweater seem dull, sign us up.

In case your wardrobe is still without one, shop our current favorites below. 

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