Comfy and Cozy Is My Forever Vibe: 25 New Affordable Pieces I’m Eyeing in 2021

In the past few weeks, I’ve added a few trendy things to my cart only to decide to let them go because there were still on-trend pieces that had yet to be worn hanging in my closet. I’m sure they’ll get more use once the weather gets better and once I start seeing people again, but the pieces I have been gravitating toward nonstop have been the more basic and cozier items. When shopping, I’m shifting my focus towards pieces I’ll be getting maximum wear out of in the long run. I’m a fashion editor, and even I’d prefer to work from home in a chic set or oversize sweatshirt. But contrary to popular belief, just cause it’s cozy doesn’t mean it has to be expensive or boring, which the options below are here to approve. 

Below, I took a deep dive through WWW’s favorite affordable retailers to find 25 under-$50 pieces that you’ll be reaching for again and again. This isn’t to say I won’t be opting for more trendy options at all, but the items below will certainly make it easier to mix and match other pieces to make the ideal comfy yet elevated wardrobe. 

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