Celebrity Stylists Agree—These Are the Best Haircare Brands of All Time

Design Essentials products will always be staples for Morgan and Hill. It’s a brand that truly caters to diverse hair types and structures, much like their other favorite Oribe. “I have always looked at hair by texture and not race or ethnicity because hair textures can vary, even within a single family,” says Morgan. He also thinks the brand’s Agave & Lavender collection is great for those who want to blow out their naturally wavy or coily hair. “It delivers exceptional heat protection for blow dryers and hot tools. The Almond & Avocado Curl Enhancing Mousse and the Honey Curl Forming Custard are perfect for keeping curls and coils hydrated as well.”

Hill is also quick to sing its praises, stating that Design Essentials products are of superior quality. They also come at a fair price point and some items can even help manage certain scalp conditions.

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