And Now, The Biggest Shoe Trend for 2021

If the S/S 21 runways were any indication, the house shoe trend is to get even bigger than it already is. Yep, it’s no secret that cozy slippers and sandals have already been wildly popular over the last year, but now that designers are introducing new spins on them for spring, there’s even more reason to add them to your closet.

One thing I especially love about the house shoe trend? Unlike the name suggests, they’re actually intended to be worn pretty much anywhere. On the runways, designers styled them with cozy sweatshirts but also more unexpected pieces like micro minidresses, barely-there skirts, and luxe leather pieces. The takeaway? Comfy shoes are here to stay, no matter what you’re dressed in or where you’re headed. After taking a break from heels in my personal wardrobe, I couldn’t be happier that cozy shoes are here to stay. Ahead, see the 5 house shoe trends that are about to be everywhere for spring 2021.

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