After a Decade, My Color-Treated Hair Finally Grew Past My Collarbone—Here’s How

Though the last several months of pressing pause on our “normal” lives have proven to be challenging due to inevitable uncertainty, there is a silver lining to this said pause. We have been given the room to step back, reflect, and make time for self-care that seemingly always fall to the bottom of our to-do lists. Whether it’s dedicating nights to applying face masks and meditating or indulging in the latest beauty products and rituals like dry-brushing, we’re finally able to take the time for ourselves. 

Don’t laugh, but one of my silver linings, if you will, is accomplishing my biggest hair goal: growth. An aspiration that has felt nearly impossible the last decade or so has come to fruition due to years of intensive trial and error and a newfound dedication. As a blonde who will never sacrifice my highlights, I’ve resorted to alternative remedies to improve my hair’s overall health and to ultimately grow it. While my hair length has been stagnant since 2007 (the year I got my most dreadful haircut), 2020 marks the first time my hair has consistently grown, and I owe it to my strict product regimen and advice from the experts. 

IGK Salon colorist and haircare guru Ryan Pearl, who also happens to do Hailey Bieber’s color, advises, “Use products, especially for color-treated hair or those with thicker hair! Products act as a protectant against the sun and a barrier when you are in the oceans or pool and against environmental stressors.”

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