A Simple Story About What Shoe Trends to Wear With Dresses This Spring

This is a story we do pretty much every year when it’s getting closer to being warm enough for us to think about wearing dresses again (past example here)—that’s how relevant it is year after year. Sure, you could easily just throw on a pair of white sneakers with your spring dresses and call it a day every spring, but there’s a world of shoe trend possibilities out there, so why not keep things interesting and mix it up?

For spring 2021, the name of the game when it comes to shoe trends is comfort. Designers and brands are thinking beyond the slipper-like house shoes we primarily wore last year but are still keeping the heels low and focusing on styles that you could walk a mile in or still just wear around the house. 

We combed through countless dress outfits on Instagram and countless pairs of new shoes, and these 7 trends are pretty much made for dresses. Keep scrolling to shop them all.

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