8 Things We Don’t Know If We’ll Ever Wear Again Post-Quarantine

Anyone else feel like your entire life, and subsequently, wardrobe, changed overnight when Covid-19 lockdowns began months ago? As time marches on, we all find ourselves adapting more and more to our new (for the time being, at least) low-key way of life, and even though seemingly everything is canceled these days, we don’t want to just stop looking cute. But we also don’t see much of a need for the restrictive and dressy pieces we used to wear. (Remember “night out” clothes?)

Ask any one of our editors and the number one thing they look for in an article of clothing or an outfit these days is comfort. Personally speaking, it just doesn’t feel right to be uncomfortable when at home or going to the grocery store, for example. Curious as to what fashion items my fellow editors have removed from their wardrobes (maybe for good), I made them tell me. In doing so, we’ve also made room for some new wardrobe categories to expand in our closets. Keep scrolling for all the intel and to shop items that are relevant to our changed lives.

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