8 Outfit Ideas That Tell Me You’re a Fashion Girl Without Actually Telling Me

While everyone has their own catered style, there are certain outfit silhouettes that you can always rely on to be deemed “fashionable.” Everyone can change the colors and patterns to their own liking, but it’s clear that there’s a slew of combinations that fashion girls tend to follow on the regular. It’s my job to keep up with the norm in fashion, so these fashion formulas are pretty much ingrained into my brain. Whenever I have a hard time planning an outfit, I play it safe with these certain combos because it’s evident they work every single time—trust me.

To give you examples of these staple ideas, I turned to the feeds of WWW’s favorite follows on Instagram to prove how well these outfit ideas actually work, and how easy it can be to put it together yourself. Below, you’ll find a range of ideas featuring items you probably own in your closet. Most of them are simple but will have you looking put together on any day. Follow the base and put your own twist and soon enough everyone will know you’re a fashion girl without you actually having to tell them.

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