8 Cool Outfit Ideas for Rainy Days

True story: I moved back to the East Coast from Los Angeles a couple of years ago, and for my first month here, it rained almost every day. Coming from a place where it typically rains once in a blue moon, I was thoroughly unprepared. Before the bulk of my wardrobe arrived, I was armed with a denim jacket, and the closest thing I had to rain shoes was a pair of Everlane loafers. I felt like a fool surrounded by prepared east-coasters in goulashes and anoraks.

So it got me thinking about how I can pre-plan for rainy days in the future—while still looking cute (naturally). Fittingly, I took to the internet and researched the rainy-day style of street-style stars while out and about when the forecast was less-than-stellar during fashion month. The results of my research? A crop of fresh outfit ideas for the inevitable string of rainy days to come.

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