5 Fine Jewelry Trends Fashion Girls Will Invest in This Year

This trend can be choked up to the likes of Gen Z. There is undeniably a major difference between affordable costume jewelry and fine jewelry that’s dripping in diamonds, but the younger generation of fashion girls have seemed to find the sweet spot: logo mania. Similar to the Y2K days of the Tiffany & Co. heart necklace (which is trending again, FYI), large fashion brands from Gucci to Louis Vuitton are selling branded jewelry left and right. While I definitely wouldn’t call these pieces “affordable,” they hit a price point that is more entry-level and approachable for someone looking to start their fine jewelry collection. 

Beyond this specific logo trend, fine jewelry, in general, is starting to resonate more and more with younger shoppers. “We’ve seen a strong focus on emerging brands that resonate with a younger and more fashion-focused customer who are looking for luxury jewelry that speaks to them. This season, we’ve actioned our first dedicated fine-jewelry mentorship, as part of our Vanguard program, with emerging designer Jameel Mohammed, who launched his inaugural fine jewelry collection, KHIRY Fine. Inspired by aspects of both global and personal Black culture, his collection offers a unique view that will resonate with our customers,” Libby Page, senior market editor at Net-a-Porter, tells us. In other words, we can expect this generation to really start to create buzz around new trends and designers in the fine jewelry space. 

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