5 Easy New Staples Everyone From My Mom to My Fashion Friends Will Like

When I’m shopping for myself or sourcing products to recommend to others, there’s a criterion I always keep in the back of my mind: new items that have the power to become fresh staples in a wardrobe. Sure, this includes top-notch basics, but it also includes those trend-forward, simpler items that can easily be mixed and matched.

There are actually a few key new staples that I’m particularly into at the moment. The pieces I’m referring to are all pretty easy to style and could be worn with multiple outfits. They also have that trendy quality to them. I actually think many in my life would be into the items because of how versatile they are. Yep, I bet everyone from my fashion friends to even my mom will like the edit coming your way.

Keep scrolling for a smattering of style and shopping inspiration.

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