5 Cheap Thrills I Used to Be Obsessed With (and 5 I Just Replaced Them With)

Thinking back to the beginning of 2020, my shopping habits were considerably different. I used to spend money on the most random things that honestly barely made sense back then so they sure as hell don’t make much sense now. Today, in specific, I’m talking about those random cheap items you buy without thinking twice just because you like having something new in your closet or because you felt like you “needed” a new top to wear that random event. However, just because we are all experiencing a major lifestyle shift this year doesn’t mean our retail therapy cravings have diminished—at least mine haven’t. 

With that being said, I have come to the realization that the cheap thrills I used to stock up on when I needed a quick shopping fix have drastically shifted. Ahead, I am walking you through the 5 affordable items I used to be obsessed with and the 5 I officially replaced them with this year. Featuring nothing over $50, the wallet-friendly shopping guide ahead is perfect for when you need that little pick-me-up be it sometime before the end of 2020 or beyond. 

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