31 Full-Length Jeans That Actually Cover My Damn Ankles

When was the last time you checked out the denim selection at your favorite online retailer? Well, it’s kind of part of my job so I can tell you with confidence that full-length jeans are relatively hard to come by. Any given denim category will have tons and tons of cropped jeans with just sprinklings of full-length versions. When you’re 5’10” like I am, or you’re simply looking for a style that will actually cover your ankles, this can definitely be frustrating. 

We’ve recently seen the resurgence of several non-cropped denim styles, including flares on French girls and baggy jeans on celebrities. So if you’re ready to hop on board with the full-length jeans trend and put cropped jeans on hiatus, I’ve got you covered. Scroll down to shop my favorite long jeans I love right now. 

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