25 ’90s Jeans to Try If the 2000s Low-Rise Look Isn’t for You

What goes around always tends to come back around—at least that’s the case with ’90s fashion. You’ve seen plenty of coverage from us on the nostalgic trends that are back on the scene, some new and some you’ve probably already been wearing for years. While you may have seen headlines on the return of 2000s-era low-rise denim and started to get alarmed, don’t fret, because this is a safe space with high- and mid-rise jeans. We’ll be discussing ’90s jeans today, including the pairs to try among the trends that reigned back then and still have a spot in our closets right now.

From baggy pairs to simple mom jeans, we’ve included 25 selects organized by a specific ’90s style. Take a look through the jeans below if you’re on a search for a denim upgrade.

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