21 Beauty Products I’ve Tried This Year That I’d 100% Recommend for Gifting

How’s that holiday shopping going, team? This year has been a lot, and as we creep toward the finish line, it can feel so tempting to just phone it in. Gift cards might be calling, as they’re easy to procure and always appreciated, but the fact is that they’re impersonal. So what’s the solution for locating the perfect gifts that are both thoughtful and cool? Checking in with team Who What Wear, of course!

As your friendly neighborhood beauty editor, I’m here to drop some insanely good gift ideas on you. As you know, I spend a ridiculous amount of time researching, swatching, and playing with the best in beauty, and I’ve got some finds in mind that would send any true-blue beauty lover into hysterics (the good kind). Keep scrolling to see the 21 products I tried this year, some brand-new and some tried-and-true, and to shop for those you love most. Just try to not keep everything for yourself.

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