18 Jackets and Coats From Zara That Will Sell Out If You’re Not Careful

If you don’t do a Zara outerwear roundup, is it even fall? Since these are the types of things I ask myself, here we are. I’ve been shopping for a new coat for myself, so naturally, one of the places my search led me to was Zara. I’ve acquired some great outerwear from Zara over the years, and nothing is stopping me from doing so again this season. 

As is typically the case with Zara, all of the latest outerwear trends are present and accounted for, but there are also plenty of classic options for those of us who are looking for something a little more timeless. Even though you may not need a jacket or coat just yet, you definitely will soon, and it’ll be a crying shame if your favorites sell out. Therefore, I highly recommend taking the plunge now, even if it is 97 degrees out today (like it is where I am…).

Keep scrolling to shop the best Zara jackets and coats of the season before everyone else does.

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