15 Items I Spotted on Fashion People and Added to My Cart Immediately

As part of my job as a fashion editor, I’m always looking at Instagram to see what the fashion set is wearing. In my opinion, it’s one of the best places to see the latest trends that are unfolding and what insiders are gravitating to at the moment. So it goes without saying that I’m constantly inspired by the outfits I’m seeing and have an ever-growing list of pieces I’m eyeing to add to my personal wardrobe.

To bring you the very best outfits I’ve seen recently and the pieces I want to adopt from each of them, I’ve rounded up 15 items I spotted on fashion people and want to add to my cart immediately. From affordable basics I want to add to my everyday wardrobe to of-the-moment trends I can’t wait to try out myself to investment pieces from designer brands, these are the best new fashion buys that have landed on my current shopping list.

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