Yung Bleu Hints At A Collaboration With Chloe Bailey After She Covered His Song ‘You’re Mines Still’ – The Shade Room

Roommates, how would y’all feel about a possible collaboration between Yung Bleu and Chloe Bailey? Well, if you got hyped at the idea, you just might be in luck. Yung Bleu had a message for Chloe after she remixed his song “You’re Mines Still” that had the internet talking!

Chloe released a TikTok video of her cover of the hit single titled “You’re Not Mines Still” on Friday, which combined her sultry voice and breakup story that definitely hit for fans.

They say time heals, so hit blowing up my phone cause you’re not mine still we all ever be again you’re in denial. You’d always make me go to sleep so angry, got all of these girls calling you baby. Why you always put the blame on me like I’m the reason we ended in catastrophe?,” Chloe sang in the one minute clip.

What about what you put me through? All the crying over you. I run away cause I’m a track star I’m speeding fast until I’m so far away. I cannot lie leaving is so hard but I know that it is way better than to stay. So stop telling all your boys that you are mine still. If I’m being real, you sounding crazy.”

The clip was definitely a fan favorite amongst some of our Roommates, and Yung Bleu himself took to Twitter to show Chloe some love and asks to collab with her!

“Ok let’s do a song now,” he quote tweeted on her video.

How do y’all feel about the possible collaboration, Roomies?

Let us know in the comments!

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