Vivica A. Fox Refers To Young Thug As A “Sexy A** Looking Cockroach” When Asked If She Finds Him Attractive – The Shade Room

The ladies of Cocktails With Queens are never shy about their thoughts when it comes to discussing the tea, and we know Vivica A. Fox definitely doesn’t hold back.

While speaking on Young Thug‘s recent comparison of his music catalog to that of Jay-Z’s, Vivica got candid about whether or not she finds Thugger attractive.

If y’all recall, Young Thug recently said that he has 30 or more hits that an entire stadium of people could recite–an accomplishment that Jay-Z doesn’t, according to Thugger. Somehow Claudia shifted the conversation to ask Vivica whether or not she finds Young Thug attractive and she said he resembles a “cockroach.”

“You know, he’s like just a like a good sexy a** cockroach, ” she said. “And I don’t mean that mean like I don’t you know what I mean. He’s got rockstar qualities, like he would be a great animation character,” she said.

The ladies all laughed, and Claudia followed up with a question about what they would do if they saw this “roach” in their kitchen in the middle of the night, but Vivica steered the conversation back to Thugger and Jay’s music.

“I meant that in the kindest term though you know what I mean? His features are just you know. He’s real rockstar, he loves fashion, he loves his diamonds and he makes good music. But his a** is not as big as Jay-Z.”

Thugger has yet to respond to the comments, but stay with us for the tea, Roomies!

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