Vanessa Bayer Ranks All Her ‘SNL’ Kisses With Ryan Gosling, Chris Pratt, & Kristen Stewart

Vanessa Bayer chatted with Andy Cohen and dished on her favorite kisses with past ‘Saturday Night Live’ hosts, revealing that she ‘had a role in the creation’ of the sketches in which she locked lips with the stars!

Vanessa Bayer‘s lips are no longer sealed! The hilarious Saturday Night Live alum, 39, chatted with Andy Cohen during the February 9 episode of Watch What Happens Live, where she was asked to rank her on-screen smooches with past hosts Chris PrattKristen Stewart, and Ryan Gosling. “Well, I will tell you that I had a role in the creation of all of those sketches,” Vanessa cheekily confessed to Andy and a fan who tuned in with their question.

“But they’re hard to rate,” she admitted. “They were all wonderful for different reasons.” Vanessa went into more detail about how different each lip lock was, even down to the preparation that went into it! “With Kristen Stewart, we were really kissing for a long time; with Ryan Gosling, it was more in-character cuddling a lot,” Vanessa recalled. “And I was nervous about it, but then he was so funny during the sketch — he improvised so much stuff.”

Vanessa Bayer and Chris Pratt in the 2014 “Kissing Video Game Characters” sketch [NBC].
Vanessa then revealed, when it came to her time working with Ryan, that there was “a point when he starts yelling and we didn’t know he was gonna start yelling that I think I was just having so much fun, because he’s so funny.” Vanessa starred alongside the two actors in different sketches. Her sketch with Kristen Stewart is the now-iconic Totino’s Super Bowl commercial spoof.
Vanessa Bayer and Ryan Gosling in the 2015 “Santa Baby” sketch [NBC].

Vanessa locked lips with Ryan in the 2015 “Santa Baby” sketch; while her smooch with Chris Pratt was featured in the 2014 “Kissing Video Game Characters” sketch. Although Vanessa never got down to a definitive ranking of her favorite SNL lip locks with the three hosts, she did reveal that it was “amazing” kissing Kristen Stewart! Beyond those kisses, though, Vanessa undoubtedly has a lot of fond memories from her time on the long-running sketch comedy series.

Vanessa Bayer and Kristen Stewart in the 2017 “Totino’s Super Bowl Commercial” spoof [NBC].

The actress joined SNL in 2010 and remained a cast member until 2017, leaving the same year as co-star Bobby Moynihan following the series 42nd season. Of her most notable characters, Vanessa made a slew of appearances on the “Weekend Update” segment of the show as Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy, a role she confessed is one of her favorites. Since her time on SNL, Vanessa has appeared in TV series like Brooklyn Nine-NineWill & Grace, and What We Do In The Shadows. She can be seen in the new comedy Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar out February 12.

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