TSR What Ifz: Barbie Edition (Photos) – The Shade Room

Roomies, how would it be if some of your celebs had barbies made in their image? When you think with big personalities–Amber Riley, Porsha Williams, Lizzo, and Doja Cat–one could only imagine and appreciate if this were to actually happen.

Porsha WIlliams is a real-life barbie! With her nasty ol’ fashions, beat face, and her hair laid, the reality star is everything barbie like. Lizzo and her vibrant personality and ability to stand in her truth, she represents authenticity and freedom so many young women and girls.

The talented Amber Riley represents hope and tenacity. With her loving energy and tenacity, ‘Glee’ was indeed a show that inspired many millennials today. It would be lit to see her beautiful smile in the form of a doll.

Doja Cat represents all things fun, authentic, and comfortable with who she is. Living life on her own terms, she has inspired many young girls to do the same.

Swipe through and take a look at the dolls!

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