Trump Supporter Charged With Assault & Battery After Spitting On A Black Lives Matter Protester – The Shade Room

Whew Chile! We are still gagging over the gross display shown by a Trump supporter last month after he was seen on camera spitting on a Black Lives Matter protester. IONO about y’all but it would’ve gotten very hectic since this man thought he was in an episode of Flavor Of Love.

Scott Marberblatt, the Trump supporter featured in the TikTok video, has reportedly been charged with assault and battery for his disgusting display aimed at Marcus Johnson back in December.

According to TMZ, Marcus was holding a BLM in Massachusetts when he was approached by Marberblatt and the two allegedly began to argue. An officer on the scene reported that he witnessed Marberblatt spitting and coughing on Marcus.

Marcus told TMZ that his concern after the incident was coronavirus and he was unable to get a COVID test directly after the incident. As a result, he chose to self-isolate for days. Marcus revealed that once he was finally able to get a COVID test, the result came back negative.

We’ve seen some downright disrespectful displays from Trump supporters as of late, including an incident where someone scraped “TRUMP” onto the back of a manatee.

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