Top Chef Alum Justin Sutherland Severely Injured In Boat Propeller Accident

A Top Chef alum was involved in what sounds like a horrific boating accident over the Fourth of July weekend. Minnesota chef Justin Sutherland was reportedly driving a boat when he lost his captain’s hat. He reached out for it right when the boat had come into contact with a wave and allegedly fell in the water. Unfortunately, he was directly in the path of the boat’s propeller at that moment. 

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has been involved in a boating accident, and the good news is that the popular Minnesota chef and TV personality is going to be OK. However, he did suffer severe injuries during the event, including breaking his left arm. The propeller also allegedly “did a number” on his head, and his jaw is currently broken and wired shut. Due to this, he is currently is unable to talk on the phone, but he allegedly sustained no nerve damage and the fundraisers who set up the event seem to indicate Justin Sutherland is in reasonably good spirits after the incident. They even noted of his signature beard:

​​The great news is, he is going to be fine. With some time, he will possibly be better than fine. He is adding more character to the face we know and love, and the most important news, his beard is intact.

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