The Note Only Murders’ Steve Martin Gave Tina Fey About Comedy That’s Stuck With Her Through Her Career

Only Murders in the Building only seems to be gaining popularity as it continues through its second season. Hulu seems incredibly pleased with it, which is probably why a third season of Only Murders is on the way. One of the factors that’s arguably made the show such a hit with fans is its revolving door of guest stars, which includes Tina Fey. The beloved comedienne recently up about working with longtime friend and OMITB star Steve Martin and revealed the note he gave her about comedy, which has stuck with her for years.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tina Fey got candid about the beloved actor and comedian. She recalled her Saturday Night Live days and spoke about a time when Steve Martin visited Studio 8H after doing an interview the previous night.  And it was during the encounter that Martin made a comment that Fey found “chilling”:

One time Steve was visiting at Saturday Night Live, and I had seen him do Letterman the night before, I said, ‘You were so funny on Letterman last night.’ And he very matter-of-factly said, ‘Well, you have to kill every time.’ It was chilling to me, but it’s true. Comedy people can’t go on talk shows and blather like actors. We’re supposed to deliver. Steve always delivers.

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