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Y’all know Summer Walker recently gave birth to a baby girl, so we haven’t seen too much of her going out and having fun. She recently had a cute girls night out with her friends but things went a little left after she overheard a woman questioning her hygiene.

According to the story, Summer was waiting in line to get into a lounge when she overheard the woman and her friends talking about her.

“So…why we got in line outside this longe it’s supposed to be a two hour wait,” she wrote on Instagram. “These girls talkin’ bout that look like Summer Walker, and dis fat b*tch gone randomly say ‘she pretty but she don’t wear deodorant,’ twice lmao.”

To sis’ surprise, Summer certainly was standing right in front of her and she was not ready for what happened next!

“I’m like ‘it’s me b*tch’,” Summer wrote. “And the deodorant sitting in my Dior purse. She like ‘oh my bad you so pretty you know that’s just what I heard on the internet.’ I’m like yeah people say a lot of dumb sh*t on the net. Then security came and got us like are they disturbing you. I’m like matter a fact they are lmao then they take us in the lounge and we skip the line.”

This is not the first time Summer has had to defend herself against folks questioning her hygiene, Roomies. Back in October 2019, Summer Walker was the center of a major cleanliness conversation after she posted a photo of her “washing bowl” on Instagram.

She explained that she uses the washing bowl in place of taking a full on shower, and even clapped back at some fans in her comments.

What are your thoughts, Roomies? Did Summer do too much? Let us know in the comments!

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