Steve Carell Recalls His First Thoughts About Minions When Reading The Despicable Me Script, And They Were Not Complimentary

The Despicable Me minions are everywhere these days. They are simply a fact of life and pop culture that are not going anywhere soon – especially given the incredible box office numbers for Minion: The Rise of Gru in its opening weekend. But if you can think back to 2010, when the first Despicable Me came out, it was a brand new concept that immediately took hold of a massive audience. Steve Carell, who has long voiced Gru, the leader of the minion army, has revealed that he didn’t expect the giggly yellow guys to catch on when he first was approached about the animated project. 

If you think about it, the idea of minions may not have translated very well on paper. It wasn’t until the cute henchmen dazzled audiences on screen that they became beloved and viral movie characters.While speaking to The A.V. Club, Steve Carell said of the minions,

I see how the plot’s going with the kids and the other villains and how that’s all going to play out. That made sense. But then they said, ‘Oh, you also have these henchmen. They’re called minions, and they’re yellow and they look like little tater tots. And they don’t speak English, it’s gibberish.’ I thought, ‘OK, well, good luck with that idea.’ There was a complete dead-end, but ‘I’m sure you know what you’re doing.’ Then, lo and behold a year later they are the biggest thing ever.

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