Star Trek: Voyager’s Kate Mulgrew Provides Great Response To Viral Fan Concern About Her Visiting Janeway Monument

There are various Star Trek monuments around the United States, all of which celebrate the franchise and its characters in some unique way. Bloomington, Indiana, for example, has a bust of Voyager’s Kathryn Janeway, which memorializes one of the most iconic captains in Starfleet history. Not everyone is a fan of the statue, however and, after one concerned citizen voiced their opinion about Janeway actress Kate Mulgrew visiting the statue, she shared a great response. 

Kate Mulgrew recently revealed that she’ll be visiting the Captain Janeway statue in October, which understandably caught the attention of folks living in the area. One fan, in particular, wrote to a local paper, explaining why they think it’s problematic to have a statue of Janeway in the character’s hometown centuries ahead of her birth: 

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