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Samsung decided to cough up the coins needed to create a whole Hulu series surrounding their Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Their new show called ‘Exposure’ will showcase up-and-coming photographers competing in weekly challenges using only the Galaxy S21.

Roommates, it’s no secret that companies often increase sales by featuring their products in entertainment content. Think about how many times you’ve seen Beats headphones in music videos. In the marketing world, that’s called product placement.

Well, the electronics giant said forget traditional commercials and product placements and created a lane for themselves with this new venture. Samsung’s device currently has five image sensors and entered the market earlier this year.

The winner of ‘Exposure’ will be crowned “America’s best mobile photographer.” There is currently no word on additional prizes.

Liz Levy, Hulu’s VP Head of Branded Entertainment, exclusively told The Hollywood Reporter that their company recognizes “that it is imperative for publishers and brand partners to work together to redefine how we reach audiences.”

‘Exposure’ will be available for streaming on April 26, 2021.

Samsung worked with Hulu and the global ad agency BBH Entertainment to develop the show from beginning to end. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s company Westbrook Media is producing the series.

Companies are finding innovative ways to drive sales given the changing marketing scene. Branded entertainment is an emerging space hoping to tackle marketing challenges such as skippable advertisements.

“Our goal in creating the show is to take an innovative, engaging and much more compelling approach to communicating our camera technology and we’re excited to see how creators will use the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G in new and interesting ways,” Janet Lee, Samsung’s VP of Mobile Marketing told The Hollywood Reporter.

According to a review by The Verge, the show’s main star deserves the hype. Reviewer Dieter Bohn rated the phone’s camera system as the best they’ve “used on any Android phone” and deemed it “extremely competitive with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.”

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