Real Housewives Of Dubai Star Explains Afro Wig Choice For Jamaican Dancehall Party

The Real Housewives of Dubai stars are, technically, the new kids on the block when it comes to the infamous franchise of wealthy and eccentric women. Its freshman season – which also happens to be the first international spinoff on Bravo proper – is in the midst of airing now. The cast is definitely bringing the drama, but did they just bring the cultural appropriation, too? After wearing an Afro wig to the Jamaican-themed dancehall party, Sara Al Madani explains her choice.

During the August 3 episode, her co-star Lesa Milan threw the shindig as a means to introduce the group to her Jamaican heritage. There were a lot of jaw-dropping fashion choices that night, but none more so than the wig worn by Sara Al Madani, who is the Real Housewives of Dubai’s sole native United Arab Emirates cast member. The move didn’t appear to bother the mostly Black cast, although the fanbase is a somewhat different story. Speaking to Page Six since then, Al Madani admitted she was “worried” about committing to the idea, even if it didn’t stop her in the end:

I was worried about the look because some people might not accept it because of culture. But the thing is, the Afro exists in my culture. There are Black people in my culture, there are Emiratis that have Afros and we have people of color. So for us, in the United Arab Emirates, it is very normal. But I was worried about other people around the world looking at it in a different way.

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