Over 3,000 People Swear By This Vanity Mirror With LED Lights & It’s On Sale For Less Than $200

Add a little brightness to your makeup routine with a vanity mirror that has customers raving! Shop this incredible vanity mirror with LED lights while it’s on sale, here!

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We all know, thanks to mostly self-expert Kim Kardashian, that lighting is everything. That is the case, especially when getting ready and doing your makeup to ensure everything is even and blended. Luckily, we’ve got the best vanity mirror with lights that is currently on sale for under $200 that can help you make sure you look perfect every time you leave the house! With over 3,000 raving reviews from verified Amazon customers, the FENCHILIN Large Vanity Mirror with Lights is like having a professional-grade dressing room mirror right in your home! 

Buy the FENCHILIN Large Vanity Mirror with Lights on sale for $139.99 on Amazon here!

Whether you’re putting on your makeup and doing your hair for a Zoom date or as part of your daily work routine, this vanity mirror is a serious game-changer. At 22.8″x 18.1″, the mirror is the perfect size to provide you a perfect upper body view. Plus, there is a USB charge port on the side that allows you to charge your smartphone or other USB devices so you can have your phone easily accessible while getting ready, but also fully charged when it’s time to go! The product offers adjustable brightness with three different colors of lights. Surrounded by 15 LED bulbs, the mirror has the ability to go from warm yellow, daylight, and cool white tones, allowing you to accomplish flawless makeup even at night.

Boasting smart touch control and detachable design, this lighted makeup mirror provides superb flexibility and convenience when putting on tricky winged eyeliner or eyebrow line. The middle button on the mirror turns it on and off while the left button is to change the lights color and the right adjusts brightness. Even better, the memory function keeps your lights setting like your last use! Not to mention, it makes a great selfie mirror and ring light alternative!

This vanity mirror with LED lights is also a major space saver for your dressing table. You can easily hang on it on the wall or in your bathroom. The detachable base doubles as storage for your makeup! Customers are truly obsessed with this purchase, with the vanity mirror garnering a whopping 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon!

Some customers made a fully luxe Hollywood-inspired vanity for themselves with the mirror, adding a faux sheepskin rug and glam chair to match — so cute and creative. One happy customer gushed, “I LOVE IT. granted I just got it set up and haven’t used it for that long. I have high hopes. it’s sitting on a stand I have bc my desk comes in tomorrow (also from amazon) y’all it’s awesome highly recommend. update: it’s on my desk ( Tvilum Walker 2 Drawer Desk $65.70 ) and it looks amazing. also got the chair ( Yaheetech $61.99 ) and the rug if you’re interested ( MrDanval premium faux sheepskin $32.99 ) I’ve had absolutely no problems. I’ve used the USB and it works great. very very happy!”

“I was extremely skeptical about buying a vanity mirror off amazon I did my research on this company to reviews here as well as looking them up via YouTube as well so get a feel for the company before I made my purchase. I ordered two weeks ago and it shipped out on the 29th and I received my vanity mirror today and to tell you the truth I am EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH MY PURCHASE! It’s extremely large which I love because I’m reading my room and I’m making a vanity area for my makeup for my channel and I needed a great setup and this is it. The company was able to talk to me quickly once I emailed about shipment and they responded quickly and helped me easily I have a video of my new vanity mirror along with pictures I’m extremely satisfied I truly hope you make a full length soon with the lights as well bc I will be purchasing they also included and magnifying mirror as well,” another customer commented, with the title, “THE BEST MIRROR EVER!!!!”

At the moment, you can get this vanity mirror with LED lights on sale for an amazing deal of $139.99! Go get it before it’s too late!

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