Mike Wolfe Keeps Getting Flack For What’s Going On With American Pickers, But He’s Staying Above The Fray

American Pickers is currently airing new episodes on History as part of the summer TV schedule, but not every former fan is on board with the new episodes. This mostly has to do with the History series previously firing Frank Fritz and replacing him with Mike’s brother Robbie Wolfe. The change has led to flack online for months, but has picked up again in the wake of Wolfe announcing Fritz had been hospitalized after having stroke. The longtime History host has stayed above the fray, however, choosing to share posts about picking and, of course, his other road trippin partner, Francie

Mike Wolfe’s been busy sharing positive posts on Twitter and other social media, often about picking experiences or personal life moments. However, one of these recent posts highlights some examples of the fans still being upset about the lack of Frank and the inclusion of Robbie on the show. While the post itself was about negotiating for an “A.P. Simms Fine Whiskey jug,” an example of the type of response the reality star has been getting can be seen below. 

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