Mare Of Easttown’s Kate Winslet Just Landed Her Next Awards-Bound HBO Series

While Kate Winslet is more commonly known and celebrated for her stellar film work — the upcoming theatrical return of James Cameron’s Titanic is but another reminder — but the actress and producer’s occasional jaunts to the small screen tend to bring in awards and other accolades. One doesn’t have to think back very far for her most recent success with HBO’s Mare of Easttown, with its twists and turns garnering Emmy gold for Winslet (and others) in 2021. Now, she’s already lined up her next prestige TV project, and she’s sticking with HBO for it. 

Winslet is set to take on a starring role in a limited series adaptation of author Hernan Diaz’s complexly crafted 2022 novel Trust, which was published by Riverhead Books in May. The novel gained buzz prior to its release, and the positive word of mouth only continued after it hit shelves, leading to a competitive situation amongst networks (and presumably streaming services) vying to land the new project, according to Deadline. It ultimately landed at HBO, where Kate Winslet has obviously proven herself worthy of fighting for. 

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